I see things differently!


Wayne Farley

About Me

My earliest recollection of my favorite pastime as a kid was sketching. I sketched everything from cars, to aeroplanes, to famous people and everything else in between. During high school, I signed up for art classes where I learned to paint. Once I developed my skills, I started selling my paintings and I also earned money painting signs for businesses. It was only in my later years that I acknowledged that I was born an artist.

After graduating from high school, my career path took me down the aviation lane becoming an air traffic controller, but I was never able to shrug off the artist in me. With access to personal computers, the monitor became my new canvas - my website and graphic design passion was born.

Life is short, so I figured I can follow all my passions and have fun in the process. Among the many things I enjoy, reading, blogging, running on the beach, traveling, playing chess, and photography are high on the list.