The strength in diversity

The strength in diversity

Posted on February 7, 2017 in Our World

As I sat at my desk to exhale following a meeting I'd been planning for two weeks, I reached for my food container to reward myself. I opened it up to a tantalizing array of colours befitting of a jubilant festival. It was a cocktail of fruits that would provoke the instant secretion of saliva from the driest of mouths. It was diverse.

Colour aside, it is no surprise that each fruit had a different taste and texture, but cumulatively, it was a hearty meal as the varying flavors complemented each other.

Using this example of the fruits, would the benefits of diversity be the same with people? The answer ought to be a resounding YES.

Like fruits, every person possess unique characteristics. People collectively in one geographical region of the world possess unique characteristics from that on another. This contrast is applicable to different countries, cities, ethnic groups, cultures, religions and tribes.

A blend of people therefore can produce strength if they work collectively to provide solutions. All around us, there is evidence of solutions that have been arrived at from this convergence of peoples.

GOOGLE has etched its name permanently into the annuls of history with its range of products and services. These owe their creation to the synergy of diverse peoples from around the world. Google's success is a mirror of many Fortune 500 companies.

The diversity of the universe, our galaxy, our solar system and everything within our planet is what is responsible for our existence. If we examine our own hand, there are no two fingers that are the same. If you divide your body down the middle, it will not be symmetrical.

Whenever you are confronted with a problem that requires a solution, consider the strength in having a diverse group of people weigh in. The result could be monumental.


Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

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